Let's explore Aka Island

Kerama islands to become 31st national park in 2014.
The Kerama islands, consisting of roughly 30 islets located around 40km west of Naha,
are known for their clear waters and diverse coral reefs.

The Great Allure of the Small islands
The outer islands are just a pleasant short trip away from the main island.
These islands are full of charm and character for you to enjoy their various diverse attractions.

Experience Okinawan spirit

Geruma Island   
On these islands connected by the bridge, spread before your eyes is a magnificent ocean view, created by the contrasts of crystal- clearseas and oddly shaped stones along the coast.

House of the boatman of the Ryukyu dynasty. Designated by the Japanese government as an importantcultural property.

A story of great power

Every year  from January to April, the surrounding waters of the island
become breeding grounds for Humpback whales.
See their magnificent dances as they flap their fins and take dynamic jumps in the great big sea.