Island Hopping Snorkeling  

We offer snorkeling boat trip, 7 days a week.

We will take you to the beautiful desert islands which takes about 10 to 20 min by boat.
You can land on a island to explore and adventure. You must be have a wonderful experience. Have lots of  fun!
You need to take only your bathing suit, you can rent snorkeling set when you need. We have wet suit available also for children.

They set out on a fantastic adventure!
We decide that it depends on the weather on the day. You don't need to make a reservation.
We will run this trip with a minimum of two guests. That's the activity for our guests.

Shore Snorkeling 
Front beach
Sun set beach
Turtle beach
Main beach
0 - minute walk
Just in front of our guest house!
3 - minutes walk
Enjoy beautiful sun set!
9 - minutes walk
Many turtles live here, Exciting!!
17- minutes walk
The most popular beach!

Let's spend a day at the seaside!


ガヒ島・アゲナシク島へ ボートで約10分
ヤカビ島・クバ島・オウ島へ ボートで約20分